Popular Foods To Try When In Italy

Italy is the perfect place for foodies. But of course, it is not just the food that visitors will enjoy but the places to eat the delicious delicacies. Whether you dine in Michelin-starred restaurants or small canteens, you will for sure be satisfied.

Here are some of the most popular foods in Italy:


Lasagna is a popular dish in Italy that is made of a flat pasta noodle, tomatoes, white sauce, cheese and meat. Traditionally, lasagna was not made with tomatoes since its introduction came over from the New World in the 16th century. The old lasagna was mostly made of ragu, b├ęchamel sauce, and cheese which can be mozzarella or Parmigiano Reggiano.

Even today, the common the classic ragu only has a bit of tomato or tomato sauce, unlike most Italian-American dishes that have a lasagna swimming in tomato sauce.


The two types of pizza that is known in Italy these days, are the Neapolitan-style pizza and the Roman-style pizza. Neapolitan-style pizza has a thick, fluffy crust compared to Roman-style pizza which has a paper-thin crust.

Naples claims that the city is the birthplace of modern pizza, although this is debated throughout the country. Whatever it is though the general rule when ordering pizza is to shoot for fewer toppings. Be sceptical if you are served with a pizza load of toppings as this can be a sign that they are covering the use of poor ingredients. A pizza with fewer toppings though is a good sign of confidence with the product they are serving.