European Holiday Tour – Exciting Destinations To Include In Your Travel List

european destinationsEurope offers some of the exciting holiday destinations. If you are planning for a European holiday tour, then consider these exciting holiday destinations in your travel list.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, one of the oldest cities in the world, is becoming a favourite tourist attraction for many travel lovers. The city offers a lot of things to do and there are unique must-see attractions that you have to visit. Go to the historic landmarks, the beautiful beach, and of course the famous food market where you will the city’s best chefs in one area.

Barcelona, Spain

Many of Barcelona’s most famous attractions are building designed a Spanish architect from Catalonia – Antoni Gaudi. You will love the art and beaches of this beautiful holiday destination. Barcelona boasts some of the best architecture in the world but it is not just the scenic view that you want to come here for. You will also enjoy the great menus and tapas every day.

Paris, France

Enjoy the architecture, museums, wind, and food as you stay in the city of love. It is also worth noting that Paris is not actually that expensive as airfares are consistently low. You can stay in a hostel and use public transportation and enjoy the lovely atmosphere. There is always something awesome to see in Paris whether you just want to sightsee or just lounge at a café for hours.

Rome, Italy

Some may immediately think that Rome is a great location for lovers, but you will definitely have fun if you bring your family and friends with you. Enjoy walking the city and visit the major ancient sites like the Colosseum. And of course, your shouldn’t miss to try the good food of Italy. Try their gelato because they are also the best.